Why Facial Fat Grafting is Better Than Dermal Fillers?

Facial Grafting

Cosmetic surgery is getting developed day by day. As defined by name, it is done on the face to make you look more prominent and younger. At some point in life, most people think that they don’t look any more like they were once. Over time, the skin around the cheeks becomes saggy and wrinkled. Reducing weight can also cause the same problem. So, filling hollow cheeks can be the best idea to remove wrinkles and make cheeks bigger.

Facial Fillers

Facial or dermal fillers are compatible gels that can be used to fill hollow cheeks and remove wrinkles. It’s a temporary technique to remove wrinkles and decrease aging signs. With the help of fillers, you will get wrinkleless and smooth skin like your adulthood.

Various types of facial fillers are used in facial filling. However, the doctor chooses the best option among the fillers according to your skin type and desired results. Most of the fillers are made of Poly-L-lactic, calcium hydroxylapatite, and hyaluronic acid. Before the treatment, the surgeons will do a deep checkup of your skin and diagnose the problem.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

  • Facial fillers are better than fat grafting if your goal is to make your skin smoother and remove wrinkles.
  • Facial fillers are non-invasive. If the facial filling is done properly by the best cosmetic surgeon can achieve dramatic results.
  • Before this treatment, you will not need surgical preparation.
  • A little downtime after surgery. The patient might go how right after getting treated.
  • The cost of the facial filler process is way less than facial grafting.
  • After the treatment mild swelling can occur, however, it doesn’t last long.
  • Most of the time fillers give immediate results. You will change your facial skin right after surgery. However, sometimes, these fillers can take a few days to reveal their full effects.

Are there any side effects of facial fillers?

  • Facial filler’s life is temporary. After a few months, these fillers get absorbed into the skin.
  • You will need to refill again and again, so the total cost runs high than the facial grafting method.
  • The fillers are chemicals injected into the skin, which can cause allergic reactions sometimes.

Facial Grafting

Autologous fat transfer is a process of removing fat from your body and reinserting it into the face. With the help of liposuction, a small amount of fat is removed from your body. After that extraction, this fat is purified and then injected into facial skin. This process is more into filling hollow cheeks. Research confirms the long-lasting results of fat grafting compared to temporary fillers.

Benefits of Facial grafting

  • In this living fat cells are used instead of filling chemicals.
  • The area from where the fat is removed becomes slimmer and gets in shape.
  • The fat grafting process is more long-lasting than facial filling.
  • Fat grafting provides immediate results after treatment. These results will be more visible after the reduction of swelling.
  • Initially, it’s more expensive than facial fillers, however, the total process cost of fat grafting is way less than the total process cost of filling after a few years.

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